What's In My FIRST Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Case?


I've been working on a putting together a Eurorack Synthesizer for the past few months and it's finally coming together. The biggest thing holding me back was the price of the power supply but I bit the bullet and made the purchase; installing it into a 6U mixer flight case - with 2 sets of 84HP rails.

I even pimped the case out with a set of led strips that are powered by the positive 12+ rail using a cable I made - the final idea is to be able to input a gate signal to turn the LEDs on and off; so I'll have live visuals to the music I'm making too; it shouldn't be too difficult to achieve. Here is the list of what I've currently got to go in the case:

  • 1 x Mutable Instruments Anushri
  • 1 x The Harvestman Piston Honda MKII
  • 1 x Really Nice Audio Rplicator
  • 2 x Synthrotek VCA (under construction)
  • 1 x Synthrotek MST VC LPF (under construction
  • 1 x Synthrotek Echo (under construction)
  • 1 x Synthrotek DLY (under construction)
  • 1 x Synthrotek MST Stereo Output Mixer (under construction)
  • Clicks & Clocks PSU + (2 x) Bus Boards
  • Clicks & Clocks 84HP Rackmount Rails
  • Thon 6U Mixer Case

Empty case with PSU and LEDs installed.

Elliott Liu